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Healthy Solutions

Healthy Solutions

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Premium CBD & Natural Wellness

Our hemp products are all grown locally on our family farms in MN & WI where hemp was originally grown and thrives in the Mid-west. We use a cold CO2 extraction process which is very pure and a clean way of obtaining these products. We are a family owned business with our cousin Mr. Hemp writing the 2014 Farm Bill to include Hemp and having the Stanley Brothers first crop grown on our family ranch. Our family are the people who grow our hemp, we have family who then extract the hemp and we work with a bio-chemist who does our formulation of all products. Healthy Solutions is a woman owned business sharing the best quality of hemp products with our local community for your benefit of health and healing.

Healthy Solutions mission is to build a community where pure resources are plentiful and health is a priority where people thrive as a collective. Designed for our customer experiences to bring our brand to life in the finest of details. We believe natural resources shall be accessible to all and by contributing to our local community through locally grown and formulated products, our impact can make a difference.


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