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CBD Hudson

CBD Hudson


About Us

I'm Elizabeth Vetter, owner of CBD Hudson. I offer many different, LOCAL, 3rd party tested products, such as tinctures, edibles, topicals, flower, Delta8, and Delta10, that can help with pain, anxiety, sleep, and more. I also offer products for pets and farm animals. It is a family run, family friendly CBD Store, that loves to spread the knowledge of CBD and Cannabis itself.
My daughters and I also offer handmade crafts at CBD Hudson, and support other local artists in the community.


CBD Hudson Logo
We Delivery to Boaters!
10mg THC / 100mg CBD - Perfect for Pain Management
Healthy Option 20mg THC Drinks
Oliphant! Probably The Best Local Drinks Around!
Mrs. Ippi's House Brand Gummies!
Gummies! Gummies! Gummies! From 5mg THC all the way up to 20mg Gummies!
CBD! Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Edibles
Flights Available! The Option to try our gummies is available by buying one or two gummies at a time so see if they are what fit your needs.
THCa and CBD Flower Available!
Fully Functional Drive Thru!
We have Tinctures and Treats for Pets too!
Many Many Beautiful Topicals Too!
And we have a store in Prescott. We'd love to see you at our lounge too!

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