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Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery



About Us

Our Cream of the Crop Artists Gallery is located at the Minnesota State Fair during the 12 days of the fair. We are available for viewing 24-7 on our website.

The well curated artworks by Cream of the Crop Artists are also installed in corporate and private collections throughout Hudson and the Twin Cities including the IDS building, Tribune building and Butler Square Building. Our latest installation is in the new location of First State Bank and Trust designed by local architects at Studio EA. We are so thrilled to be having our ribbon cutting at this local Hudson Bank.

We are a vital part of decorating from the Hudson Tour of Christmas Homes by creatively adding artworks in the festival homes adding more color and sparkle to the decor. It is an honor to work on the most fun and biggest fundraiser for our city.

You get to work with me personally when you choose to work with Cream of the Crop Artists for your home our business. Please visit us at the Minnesota State Fair!

Video Media


Gallery Image 0E08CC5A-77D0-43BB-AD3C-546E2063D305.jpeg
Gallery Image C9D312B5-3EF6-41CD-84E8-9123D4DC9F13.jpeg
Gallery Image 4859A2B1-9412-4C7C-AAA2-87FBD52A1D60.jpeg
Gallery Image DBDCE309-AE9B-489B-88ED-649DE5E20D0C.jpeg
Gallery Image 58238133-4BF4-4325-AD67-E965E964E6E7.jpeg
Gallery Image D1B5C25D-7568-441A-9BF3-8D1C7828EBCE.jpeg
Gallery Image 757B7954-A5F1-4458-804D-EBD1A646633B.jpeg
Gallery Image AE59DA19-C0D8-426E-A559-48209387C77D.jpeg
Gallery Image 587E2783-57CF-4C9A-AE47-FC4575C6E764.jpeg

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